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The Inner CoachWithEIlyen Feirbairn   

Addresses stressful issues to assist you to find solutions. 

  forward timeline for interviews, setting you up for work, organisation skills


Talks/Events/Workshops/One to one/Group Sessions/Zoom Sessions

Riding the Storm


With the current epidemic looming in the air but also lifting out we open ourselves to new ways of existing.

These new ways of being bring change.

If you are facing these changes with difficulty and wish to have a chat about which ways to address new possibilities.  

You will receive a brief chat to see how the Inner Coach can support and assist you.

We need to draw upon a positive mindful approach. 

There is always a way to empower you.

We guide you to move forward to the next level. 

email: and lets see what can be done to help you.


How the sessions can  transform you to be the person you are meant to be. 

We chat with you in a consultation to see which of the below methods can assist you to find the solution.  So here they are:

Transformational Coaching.

Mindfulness Meditation for calming you.

For Adults: tailored meditative journeys which address:

confidence building, self appreciation, bonding in work teams, trust issues, communication issues, love issues.  

Children's Magical Meditative journeys aimed to help calm the mind and build confidence.

Ages 6 to 16. (One to one or as a class)

Integrated Aromatherapy healing sessions with binaural sound beats.

Past Life Regression to discover what happened in a previous lifetime causing issues now in the present moment and showing you how to resolve it.

Forward Timeline journey to assist when you have an interview which makes you feel nervous, or any situation requiring you to stand up for yourself and be calm in your own being' when you are faced with inner fears. 

Link with your Inner Child and harmonise. 

Learn to improve your organisational skills. 

Learn breathing techniques for centering and being in the present moment.

All of the above tools are aimed to provide a space to move you forward and/or healing space for your requirements. 

A transformational experience.

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