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Eilyen Feirbairn
The Inner Coach Eilyen Feirbairn An Integrated Coach with tailored Inner Conscious Mindful Meditations
The Inner Coach  Eilyen FeirbairnAn Integrated Coach with tailoredInner Conscious Mindful Meditations

The Inner Coach programme is a development programme assisting in the process of transforming you from stress related issues  to mindfulness balance.  It can take form with meditations, coaching, exercise movement, aromatherapy treatment, past life regression etc. Its process aims to be supportive and is filled with eclectic mindful material for implementing and inducing possibilities that may have been unachievable in the past.    


We look forward to welcoming you

Talks/Events/Workshops/One to one/Group Sessions/Zoom Sessions

Reasons to do the Inner Coach Programme?

Is because I am a

Busy busy bee!

Always on the computer, stressing out

My mind is on overdrive

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Ineed a brain download


So I ask myself?

Do I want to transform  myself and be the person I've always wanted to be?

Do I trust my intuition?

Do I attract the people and situations I desire?

Do I acknoledge what my stresses are?

Am I aligned to myself to my life purpose?

Do I listen to my inner child?

Do I want a loving relationship?

Do I lack self confidence?

Can I make the changes I need to but haven't found the courage to do it?

Would I have better relationships if I could communicate differently?

If any of the above questions resonate with you then

The Inner Coach sessions may give you the space to be 



How the sessions can  transform you to be where you are meant to be. 

Mindfulness Meditation for calming your mind.  

Tailored Meditative journeys aimed to the world of magical children. Ages 6 to 16.

Tailored Meditative journeys addressed to help with confidence building, self appreciation, bonding for work teams, chakra balancing, trust issues, communication issues etc.

Integrated Aromatherapy healing sessions with binaural sound beats.

Past Life Regression to discover what happened previously that is coninuing now in your life and how to deal with it.

Forwaring Time journey to assist when you might have an interview that you are nervous about, or another situation that requires you to stannd up for yourself when you are in fear of what the outcome will be. 

Link with your Inner Child and harmonise. 

Recognising the critic in you and heal it.

Learn to improve your organisational skills. 

Utilise breathing skills for centering and calming the mind.

All of the above are aimed to provide a healing space to provide skill sets to optimise your being. 

A transforming experience.









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