The Inner Coach
The Inner Coach

The Inner Coach programme assists to develop you in the process of transformation so that you know who you are and move efficiently with the projects you wish to achieve in your life.   It is informative, supportive and is filled with eclectic mindful material for implementing and inducing the possibilities that may have been unachievable in the past. We use relaxation techniques, meditation, mind journeys, past life regressiion if needed.  Each step is guided moment to moment to destress you,   

 gain confidence, improve your career and relationship communication, change old habits, that no longer serve you and live your life purpose.

We look forward to welcoming you

Talks/Events/Workshops/One to one/Group Sessions 

Why do the Inner Coach Programme?

Ponder on the questions below!

Do you wish to transform and be the person you are meant to be?

Do you follow your intuitive, and listen to your knowing voice?

Is your life balanced or are there areas you wish to change?

Do you attract the people and situations you desire?

Do you follow your calling and purpose in life?

Do you know what your life purpose is?

Do you  understand and know your inner self?

Do you have love in your life?

Are you using your optimum potential?

Do you wish to make changes and haven't got the courage to do so?

Are you in a relationship that is stuck?

If any of the above resonates with you then The Inner Coach Programme may be just have what you are looking for.



          This is how the sessions will transform what is required of you to be where you want to be. 

The sessions use Mindfulness Meditation to destress your inner being.

I also use Inner Child techniques that harmonise the emotions with the mind.

Organisational skills are implemented where needed.

Projecting your goals and guiding you to action them to realise your goals.

Once the stress is removed the mind gains clarity and the actions you take move faster.

The energy you put in to clearing out the clutter also frees you and a surge of new energy rushes in to lead you forward.

You feel free and balanced.


All of the above brings you to a point where you can escalate your transformational skills and be in harmony with yourself.









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